We actively foster diversity, equality, and inclusivity as essential principles within our workforce. This blend of diverse backgrounds and shared unity ignites creativity among our associates. Embracing a culture that values differences empowers each individual to contribute unique perspectives, fostering an innovative environment. This commitment not only defines our workplace but propels us forward, creating a vibrant tapestry of collaboration and success.



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Office Celebrations and Fun Activities


At Devyani International Limited we believe in celebrating Success!

Recognition & Rewards help create the right team environment: an atmosphere that is encouraging and enabling for breakthrough efforts and contributions. We at Devyani International Limited recognize our people! We recognize our people for their dedication, commitment and results; which in turn boost their morale, increase productivity, enthusiasm and create powerful motivators.

Achieving Breakthrough Result

Achieving Breakthrough Result sessions provides learning platforms to work with high intentionality, unlimited mindset versus limited mindset and robust massive action to get envisioned goals. We trust in positive intentions and believe everyone has the potential to make a difference. We set defined goals and grow together by being passionate learners.

Success Stories

There are jobs & then there are careers, at Devyani we firmly believe in growing our people holistically & build careers.

At Devyani we are obsessed with our food & our customers & if you happen to share the same obsession with food & providing great experience to our customers do come & join the winning team at Devyani International Limited (DIL)

DIL has world’s best QSR brands – KFC, Pizza Hut, Costa Coffee along with home grown brands such as Vaango and The Food Street. We have a team of smart, ambitious & highly passionate people who are committed to drive our vision “to be the most preferred restaurant company for people and customers alike”.

We invite students seeking internship, freshers, and professionals across multiple functions and domains i.e. Operations, Supply Chain, Maintenance & Engineering, IT & Digital, Human Resource, Accounting, Finance & Business Planning, Projects & Business Development and Marketing to be part of our journey which revolves around people and customer centricity along with growth mindset.

When you join DIL you become part of the DIL family & we ensure their experience at DIL is truly rewarding.


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