With passion and perfection at the heart of it, DIL brought this fresh whiff of coffee in India in 2005. Costa coffee soon became the toast of India’s coffee aficionados and created the culture of specialty handcrafted coffee.


After the first sip, you’ll see why Costa is the perfect cup, every time. HANDCRAFTING A CUP OF COFFEE is an art. It takes time and skill to perfect. That’s why every single barista, in a Costa store is professionally
trained by our experts, to deliver the perfect cup of coffee every time, using the exclusive Mocha Italia blend.

Walk into a Costa café and you will feel the true coffee experience comes alive, handcrafted with care. The inviting and warm ambience that celebrates our rich legacy and passion for coffee, the authentic beverages handcrafted by our trained baristas – be it the classic Cappuccino, the iconic Flat White or the indulgent Frostino – or the best in class food complementing the perfect cuppa, all comes together to give a great Costa experience.

DIL operates 170 plus outlets spread across all formats covering High Street, Shopping Malls, Airports, Hospitals, Corporate Offices & Highways.


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Friends at Costa


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Diwali at Costa