Foodie’s Bar was opened envisioning an out of this world eating experience. The Bar intends to serve travellers from all around the world. From the transiting population to the ones arriving in the country, the bar will have an exquisite menu to meet every taste. It boasts of an ideal environment with a comfortable ambience, to suit business and casual meetings alike.

It’s not just your average bar but a convenient eatery at the same time. Drop in to Foodie’s anytime of the day to enjoy a quick and delicious meal of your choice, because the place is open 24x7. It’s also quite conveniently located and always within reach in times of excessive food cravings. Let’s put it this way, anything making your taste buds restless is here.

RJ Corp has invested in a number of ventures in emerging niches in the restaurant and the food retail sector. While these businesses are still in their early stages, they are already showing healthy growth. Food Street represents the Food Courts, Restaurants & Bars (FRB) vertical of Devyani International. It was started in 2009 at the New Delhi Domestic Airport, establishing its own signature brand Masala Twist and Vaango alongside Pizza Hut, KFC, Pepsi and Cream bell outlets. Operations have since been expanded to include corporations in NCR and Mumbai airport-where the company runs a spa, a passenger lounge and a bar.