Introducing Vaango, a unique concept where one can enjoy authentic South Indian food in a contemporary ambience. It is the new South Indian restaurant chain launched by Devyani International as a part of its expansion journey. ‘Vaango’, which means ‘come in’ in Tamil, will soon redefine the South Indian culinary experience. It is an aspirational and experiential brand.

Built on the QSR model, the menu has traditional delicacies from South India. It serves authentic vegetarian South Indian food in a modern ambience, and cater to all age groups who’re willing to try something new, fun, but with an authentic taste. The above unique brand features have been designed keeping in mind consumer insights and preferences authenticated in our internal research that was conducted among our target audience in key markets.

Our consumers are those with a progressive lifestyle, who enjoy eating out, but clearly prefer good value. Those for whom eating out is a social statement. People who consider eating as an enjoyment will form the core of the brand.

Besides serving one of the healthiest cuisines in the country, Vaango offers warm, quick, efficient and friendly customer service and highest quality food. Our outlets are designed with an open kitchen concept that’s been based on the principle of world class quality & hygiene: You can now enjoy watching your Dosa being made right in front of you. We serve the special 2S +2C and nonstop sambar: You get Two sambars. Two chutneys. Also, a special health section on the menu includes neer dosas & appams. There are seating zones for friends, family, and comfort seating with soothing music to enhance the overall experience. In a unique effort, Vaango makes the eating experience more interactive and fun: It engages customers with Facebook, which offer fun contests, menu updates, reviews, discussion forums. As a part of the fun experience we made the experience instantly transferable through a touch screen based Facebook app.

A customer can simply click his photo through the touch screen and upload it on facebook within seconds, recording his Vaango moment at our Live web station. Being a part of the Vaango club makes our consumer feel special and privileged. Guests walk away with a part of the brand in the form of our signature giveaway keychain! Customers are also welcome to join the Mobile Loyalty programme where they avail special offers as a part of our loyalty club. We also encourage people to use sms and engaging touchscreen as a feedback mechanism, and we are very responsive to suggestions and ideas shared by our guests. At Vaango, we do all we can to make every guest feel comfortable and welcome. We have friendly and efficient services with great value prices and provide a cheerful, interactive ambience for our guests.

Our aim is to passionately deliver the highest levels of experiential services, maintain consistency in serving the highest quality products and become a globally competitive organization – one that is driven by an insatiable thirst for excellence. Our focus will be on innovation and continuously providing guest relevant experiences to keep things fresh for our customers.