If vision is the art of seeing the invisible, then one man saw the future a little more clearly than others. The story of RJ Corp began more than two decades ago, when the foundation of the group was laid in 1990s. With a vision that has always remained ahead of the times, the dynamic leadership of Mr. Ravi K Jaipuria has taken RJ Corp to commendable success.

Seeking out the best in the world and bringing it home through successful alliances- that is the pioneering spirit at the core of RJ Corp's triumph. Time and again it has anchored mutually beneficial partnerships, created huge opportunities and opened up new markets and market segments. It mastered the art in India first and now it is taking it to the world.

Diversification has been the characteristic of this group right from the very inception. In last 20 years, Mr. Ravi K Jaipuria has built a power house called RJ Corp. With business ranging from Beverages and Fast Food Restaurants, Ice Creams, Dairy Products, Education, Breweries, Real Estate, RJ Corp has made pioneering forays into emerging sectors like stem cell banking and modern healthcare.

With emphasis of acquiring and retaining the best talent, RJ Corp. has created a high performance culture with focus on leadership, innovation, entrepreneurship and realization of synergies across businesses. Across alliances and business sectors it has always maintained a very strong core of people and outstanding teamwork. By hiring, developing and retaining the best talent and by emphasizing teamwork over individual brilliance, RJ Corp has succeeded in managing large transitions in India & overseas.

Today RJ Corp has pan India presence and has performed exceedingly well in overseas markets. The Group also has business in Nepal, Sri Lanka, Dubai, Morocco, Zambia, Mozambique, Nigeria, Rwanda, Uganda, Australia and Thailand.

In true sense, RJ Corp has grown into an Indian MNC.