Devyani International Limited (An associate company of RJ Corp- largest bottler for Pepsico- with interests in Beverages/Food/ Beer/Milk/ Ice-cream/ Stem-cell/ Real Estate/ Education) is the fastest growing, customer centric, profitable player in the Indian retail F&B sector, with presence in different space zones cutting across Indian subcontinent, Nepal and Nigeria. Devyani International Limited currently has a visibility of 500+ outlets of Pizza Hut, KFC, Costa, Vaango and many other brands.

Devyani International Limited is the largest franchisee for Pizza Hut, KFC AND Costa Coffee in India. With this distinguished track record and expertise in the QSR segment, Devyani International Limited has launched its own brand Vaango – a world class south Indian QSR chain and plans to take it across India. Vaango offers authentic South Indian food in a genX ambience.

Every operation at Devyani International Limited is governed, regulated and activated by our Mission Statement: "To be a people centric, customer focused and process driven operations, striving for excellence , day in day out with a beat year ago and turnaround mentality". .

Devyani International Limited envisions to be the best restaurant company in India for customers and employee alike. Devyani International Limited has a passionate and committed team; and it has strong intentionality and method to realize this vision, for sure. Devyani International Limited leverages some powerful management tools to drive its' operations. Some of these tools and processes include Balance Score Card, Employee P & L, Bench-planning and Voice of Champions.

With aggressive growth strategy in place, Devyani International Limited is irrevocably committed to being a "people centric, customer focused and process driven operations, striving for excellence with a turnaround mentality. Devyani International Limited will continue to vigorously pursue its journey to be the best for customers- both internal and external.